Meet Mikah

I’m Mikah Horn, certified yoga teacher and trusted wellness expert, currently serving Granbury and Fort Worth, Texas. I’m so glad you’re here! Your health and happiness is super important to me and my mission is to help you move better so you can feel better.

Latest From the Blog

Sun Salutations for Every Body

Sun Salutations. You'll find them in almost every single yoga class these days.   But the thing is, they can be pretty physically challenging for some bodies.  I'm a strong believer that yoga is for Every Body, and that yoga should be adapted for the individual, not...

Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

Are you interested in the benefits of yoga but feel hesitant or uncomfortable about joining a group class at a yoga studio? Have you ever considered private yoga? First, let me say: Group yoga classes can be great. I first found yoga in a class I randomly stumbled...

Top 5 Yoga Poses for a Natural Energy Boost

  Ever feel like a cup of coffee and morning shower just aren’t enough to get you going? I’m with you. I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person, by any means. The good news is, there are other things you can do to shake up your stagnant energy in the morning...

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